We know education must keep up with a changing world, and take an analytical and active role. Today’s education must empower our students to create the future, not just keep up with it

To actively seek out and use innovative approaches to learning and ‘being in the world’ is challenging, though. How can we, then, design and encourage different ways of learning at this moment in time, together with our students and our community?

This Manifesto invites a discussion about how we can collaborate and influence education, sharing ideas about how we can work together to create an educational approach and attitude which actively shapes the future.


Discuss and reflect local and global news stories and media, opening an analytical window to the world.



Enable student involvement and citizenship-in-action through regular student meetings, developing responsibility and autonomy to manage their relationships and their environment.


Invite other voices from outside school to co-create projects and learning experiences, inspiring a powerful diversity of experience and knowledge.



Create learning environments based on the interaction between different ages, allowing everyone to collaborate, live and learn from differences.



Plan projects that look outside the classroom, impacting the local community.


Understand learning as a mosaic of integrated competencies and joyful experiences, showing how knowledge can be socially meaningful and relevant, not inert and empty.



Believe in a flexible curriculum which supports individual and collective interests and needs, questioning long lists of fixed and standardized objectives.


Share your knowledge and practices on networks with other colleagues, helping to drive a fundamental cultural change in education.


Inspire students to develop their own projects and passions, sharing the most challenging concepts, and exploring what we don't know.



Instill a love of learning - anytime, anywhere - sparking life-long curiosity.

Learning assumes creative action, connections and collaboration. Transformation is not a determinant of change, but a result of creating and recreating, by acting consciously in what we propose to do.


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